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AQORD Limited
AQORD Limited offer full package design & installation projects to suit your business requirements, however we can also offer individual aspects of our service enabling you to take full advantage of our expertise in the following areas...

Public Address (PA) Systems (also known traditionally as Tannoy Systems) are sound systems fitted in large buildings that allow speech and or music to be heard clearly throughout a specified area. Over the years we have found that no two buildings are the same on an acoustic level so all the systems we install are bespoke PA Systems, designed to suit the needs of each customer and the specifications of each building.

For PA (Tannoy) systems we offer a full design and installation package. However, we do recognise the need for cost efficiency; therefore we offer the flexibility to work to your costing or individual terms, whilst sustaining high standards and customer satisfaction at very competitive rates.

Our work complies with BS6259 planning and installation of sound systems regulations, with all work guaranteed for 12 months. Maintenance contracts are also available on request.

With the current expansion in public retail and entertainment venues throughout the UK, Voice Evacuation Systems are becoming more popular now than ever before. In many large buildings, such as rail and air transport hubs, high-rises, schools, hospitals, office blocks, department stores and shopping centres, a well-maintained voice evacuation system is a legal requirement.

Utilising phased voice alert and evacuate to replace fire alarm bells and sounders means no more confusing audio signals broadcast throughout public areas - just clear audible voice announcements to instruct the public as to what to do during emergency situations, therefore saving lives.

These systems are flexible and can be used to not only save lives but also to allow the reproduction of voice paging announcements, background music and advertisements on a zoned or all call basis.

AQORD Limited designs and delivers voice alarm systems. By working with major voice evacuation suppliers such as Baldwin Boxall and Signet AC to supply our equipment, we can guarantee all our systems comply above and beyond the current BS5839 Part 8 British Standards.

These days many of your competitors play music and provide marketing information in their shops or leisure spaces over their audio system. However, there's more to creating the right customer experience than chucking a few of your favourite tunes on a playlist.

If you play, or want to play background music in your business, it's really important to have the right songs and marketing messages playing. A bad selection or poor quality sound can turn customers away. AQORD Limited will work with you to design the right system for your business needs, providing the right background music and marketing messages targeted for maximum impact.

We can help you communicate with your customers, increasing the time they spend in your store and helping to drive incremental sales and you can combine music and marketing announcements in any format.

From affordable background music through to customised marketing packages and foreground software programmes, AQORD Limited can work with you, within your budget and provide your customers with the perfect experience and in turn increased sales.

IP audio systems from AQORD Limited enable audio content distribution via LAN, WAN or internet networks over great distances or even wirelessly. IP Audio systems break all limits on distance and deliver high quality audio.

IP PA systems can target music and messages to any location within your business giving you the opportunity to specifically target background music or marketing information to match the areas content, for example special offers, product notifications, security warnings, the list goes on.

All the individual hardware components (speakers, amplifiers) across the networks can be monitored and controlled from central management software which means in case of any fault (e.g. disconnected loudspeaker, decreased volume), you are immediately informed so you can act quickly to resolve the issue. The system can be managed on site or in the case of multi-site businesses from head office giving the business managers a totally dynamic marketing tool.

Due to the total flexibility in control, content and audio quality, IP audio systems are the ideal solution for amusement parks, zoos, hotels, schools, shopping centres, restaurants, airports, stations, office buildings or sports and cultural facilities.

Disabled Alarms and Refuge Systems allow individuals to request assistance in the event of an emergency. Either within a private room or a pre designated safe zone, building occupants with special needs have direct communication channels during an emergency.

AQORD Limited can supply and install Disabled Alarms and Refuge Systems that comply with the requirements of BS8300, BS5588 & BS5839, the Disability Discrimination Act, the Care Standards Act and the English Tourism Council's National Accessibility Scheme.

Infrared Transmission works in the same way as a remote control on a video or television, i.e. an emitter (the remote handset) sends out an invisible beam of infrared light which individual receivers (the TV), convert into sound via built-in headphones.

These types of system are used in Her Majesty's courts due to security requirements. The signal cannot be heard outside the room unlike an AFILS (Audio Frequency Induction Loop System) that can sometimes be heard several meters outside a room due to overspill. Larger emitters are used in court rooms and theatres. As the size of the room and the amount of people wishing to hear increases, additional emitters and receivers may be installed.

There is no loop with an infrared system - this is of particular benefit from an installation aspect where the fabric of the building, a church for example, cannot have cable attached or visible.

Infrared transmissions will not permeate walls, ceilings, or floors. This means that each room has total privacy from any other room.

Since infrared systems are not hampered by multiple frequency problems, a person wearing an infrared receiver in one room can move to another room and use the same receiver unit without switching frequencies or units entirely. You may be familiar with some museum or tour facilities that use infrared systems. As you move from room to room, you automatically hear the presentation specific to the room you are in.

Infrared systems can also be set-up to provide stereo sound. This is especially beneficial in theatre, auditorium facilities, lecture halls or presentation rooms where high quality audio is being produced as a part of a video tape or laser disc.

Infrared headsets have the receiver unit built into the headset, therefore no wire or connector failures can occur.