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A professional public address (PA) and voice alarm specialist offering full sound system design, supply, installation and maintenance services for commercial and public premises.

AQORD Audio Systems, a professional public address (PA) and voice alarm specialist offering a full sound system design, supply, installation and maintenance services for commercial and public premises. With over a decade of experience in audio system installation we have worked on everything from discrete audio systems providing background music in shops and restaurants to PA systems for schools and stadia.

Whether your project is a small-scale induction loop installation or a large, multi-zoned evacuation sound system, AQORD Audio Systems will design, supply, install & maintain it for you. You can be confident that our fully trained & experienced engineers will be part of your project every step of the way and that the system you receive will be installed in accordance with current British Standards and will work first time, every time, in time and on budget.

AQORD Audio Systems provide high quality solutions, reliability and excellent service, offering Public Address (PA) & Voice Alarm (VA) systems for all Business & Commercial Sectors

AQORD Audio Systems provide expertise in Public Address systems, Voice Evacuation, Disabled Alarm, Maintenance, Service, Design and Installation.

AQORD Audio Systems constantly invest in the latest technology and this keeps us at the forefront of the Public Address Systems market place and our unique, dynamic business culture compliments both end user and M&E clients.

AQORD Audio Systems also offer full maintenance & service packages to wide range of business types - OUR CARE SAVES YOU MONEY

AQORD Audio Systems design small domestic systems to large scale emergency systems, which WORK first time, every time.

AQORD Audio Systems has a wealth of industry experience. Our clients benefit from the vast knowledge and experience we have gained extending over 25 years.

AQORD Audio Systems are able to offer our customers very competitive leasing agreements for your Public Address and or Voice Alarm systems. Our systems can be leased over various time periods to suit you and your budget.

AQORD Audio Systems, why look anywhere else?

A simple and effective method of broadcasting information and instructions to areas of any size.

A public address system or "PA" system or paging system is an electronic amplification system which uses an amplifier and loudspeakers, to reinforce a given sound, e.g., a person making a speech, pre-recorded music, or message, and distributing the sound throughout a venue. Simple PA systems are often used in small venues such as school auditoriums, churches, offices, factories and small bars. PA systems for larger venues such as Sports Stadia, Shopping Centres and commercial buildings generally use an Emergency System - Voice Evacuation

Voice evacuation systems, also called "Voice Alarm" in Europe, and Voice Alarm Systems have become popular and in most countries are normally a mandatory requirement in Europe for rail and air transport, high-rises, schools, hospitals, and other large facilities. Voice-evacuation utilises pre-recorded emergency Voice messages, warning that an emergency has been reported and to evacuate the building (often also mentioning not to use lifts). Voice-evacuation systems can also be used by personnel to give specific information and/or instructions over the alarm system. Usually they are either tied into the building's public address system or are outfitted with their own speakers. In the 1990s, voice evacuation started to become the standard for large facilities, and is still growing in popularity. The use, design, operation and installation of Voice evacuation systems is governed in Europe by CENELEC European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization EN 60849 and in the UK by the British Standard BS 5839-Part 8] soon to be superseded by EN54-1:2008 and ISO 7240-16:2007.